Local Multi award Winning Playwright Les Clarke Releases His Debut Book

Three times Geoffrey Whitworth Winner, Les Clarke is better known for his one act and full-length plays, performed across the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, New Zealand and South America. After gaining notoriety as a playwright, Les has published his first full-length novel – Kevin Doyle R.I.P. with an impressive 4.9 start rating on Amazon and 19 outstanding reviews, readers are captivated by this crime thriller with its authentic dialogue that puts the reader firmly in the plot. Mountaineer Kirsty Brooks enjoyed the book so much that she even took it with her 17,600 ft up Mt Everest.

The story centres around small-time loser Kevin Doyle who supplements his income from benefits with some thieving and the occasional bit of driving for ‘certain people’. One sunny day Kevin decides on a whim to go fishing for the first time in years – a decision that will change, and endanger, his life. When he hooks more than he bargained for in the lake, he thinks he’s got lucky, but life has other plans for him. His discovery sets off a chain of events that culminates in blackmail, torture and multiple murders!

Les Clarke’s first novel is a page-turning, action-packed crime thriller whose twists will keep readers guessing. It is a hugely entertaining whodunit and will have the reader fully engaged until the very end.

We had a quick chat with Les about his new book.

What the inspiration for the book?

The inspiration came when I was fishing and hooked a bag from the bottom of the lake. It was heavy and my thoughts and imagine were running riot. It turned out to be a pair of old work boots, but the incident set off the idea for the book.”

How would you describe your writing process?

 “When I write I write in ‘free-fall’. I just start with an idea or with a title and I let the story lead me, I don’t lead the story. How boring would it be to plan so you know the end of the book when you start to write – yuck!”

Who would the book appeal to?

I wrote the book for anyone that likes a good thriller that makes them want to turn the page and find out what happens next. It has grotty, real characters you can identify with and like or hate.”


Kevin Doyle R.I.P is the first full-length novel from Les Clarke, after leading an eclectic career. Les Clarke has played in rock bands, sold everything from shoes to double glazing. He’s been a policeman, trainee train driver, a chauffeur, a weighbridge operator, an office manager, a builder, worked in a psychiatric hospital, been a stand-up comedian, an actor and now writes and directs plays. His multifarious experience has armed him with a wealth of knowledge and engaging story telling style that will delight his readers.
Kevin Doyle R.I.P, published by Austin Macauley, will be available to purchase
from 31st March 2017. For more information, please visit