Glorious sunshine greeted four horticultural students from Bermuda who arrived in Bournemouth to train with Bournemouth Parks Department.

Photograph by Hattie Miles … 23.07.2018 Roger Parris and his students

Troy Watson, Shalae Johnston, Kacy Greene and Leric Lightbourn have travelled with their tutor Roger Parris for a three-and-a-half weeks work placement sponsored by the Bermuda Garden Club charity and are guests of Bournemouth In Bloom. During their time in the town they will work with council gardeners in the various public parks around the town as well as visiting Colegrave National Bedding Supplies in Banbury.


The four Bermudian students have been awarded scholarships in Horticultural Learning Skills after completing a skills development programme that trains young people in horticulture and landscaping and is also designed to create life skills and career opportunities for those involved.


In a letter to Chris Colledge, chairman of Bournemouth In Bloom, the Governor of Bermuda John Rankin said: “The visit to Bournemouth will be a further opportunity for these young people to learn and develop their skills. I am confident that they will represent Bermuda well while they are in Bournemouth and would take this opportunity to thank Bournemouth In Bloom for making them welcome”, and a letter from Ginny Ferson, deputy governor of Bermuda says: “I wish them well with this exciting venture and trust it will broaden not only their experience and skills but also their general outlook on life. Please accept my best wishes and sincere thanks for the important part you are playing in making this visit possible”. Lt Cln David Burch, minister of public works in Bermuda, said: “ My sincere thanks for this opportunity to begin what I hope will be a long mutually beneficial relationship between Bournemouth and Bermuda”.


Students Shalae Johnston and Kacy Greene said they had packed some warm jackets for their trip to England and are surprised by our current temperatures. Tutor Roger Parris explained that they had been warned that it might be wet and cool in Bournemouth and also dark. So the bright sunshine and warm weather have been welcomed by them all.


Chris Colledge, chairman of Bournemouth In Bloom, said: “We are delighted to welcome these fine young people to the town and hope their visit will bring them everything they have hoped for”.