Choosing the perfect wedding dress – by Sassy Brides

The Start for that special dress begins early for most as you need a minimum of 6 months for ordering.

When it comes to actually searching for “The Dress” the game changes entirely: does anyone know how to choose a wedding dress, thankfully there are people at Sassy Brides that do, we have a wealth of experience to make things stress free and fun whilst you are with us.

Buying a wedding dress is like choosing a perfume, don’t try too many, you won’t be able to take it all in.

Worried you can’t tell the store owner what you want, don’t worry because 95% of ‘Brides to Be’ choose something completely different to what they first thought they wanted.

Starting out….take your Mother, your Best friend, your Sister or your Auntie with you, but don’t take them all at once, they will have different opinions (which you’ll find confusing) and will up the stress factor. Just take one or two trusted family members or friends.

Don’t have a fixed idea of what you want at the start, keep an open mind, listen to what the sales person suggests, you could be surprised. Also at Sassy’s we will be able to advise you of the best styles that will flatter you the best.

If you have a budget stick to it. Its so easy to get carried away with the moment. Sassy Brides have dresses for all purses.

Our designers are ‘Sophia Tolli’ and ‘Jean Fox’ of Australia, ‘Phil Collins Bridal’, ‘Venus’ and ‘The House of Nicholas’ for Bridal.

Emma Bridal, Venus and Eliza and Ethan for Bridesmaids.

Emma Bridal for Flower Girls and mens accessories.

Have fun, this is the one time in your life that you will be centre of attention, so enjoy it all.

We look forward to your visit and if you would like to make an appointment please call us 01202 735070

Sassy Brides will be showcasing some of the finest dresses available at a unique wedding day experience at Upton House on September 23rd

For more information on The Wedding Day Experience, the suppliers who will be showcasing and to book tickets you can visit