Arts by the Sea, Bournemouth’s inspirational and diverse, annual arts festival has launched its 2018 theme, ‘New Frontiers’.


Innovations in technology continue to accelerate and transform society, unlocking new potential, while also creating unique problems. As a programming strand within the wider offer of arts and culture at the event, the theme will also examine the impact of the technological revolution at a local and global level, questioning how technology will shape the future prospects of the human race. Launched in 2011 by Bournemouth Council, Arts by the Sea grew to become an Arts Council England (ACE) National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) in 2015 and has continued to grow and secure further funding. From 29th September to 6th October, Arts by the Sea Festival will embrace the theme of ‘New Frontiers’ as part of an accessible, exciting and unique programme of participatory experience, music, art and dance; a carnivalesque celebration of culture and the arts. Visit to receive regular updates and information.



Digital technology is progressing at breath-taking speed; automation of traditional industries, connected homes utilising the ‘internet of things’, ubiquitous ‘big data’ shaping our choices. We are in the midst of a revolution, where science fiction is fast becoming reality; self-driving cars, drones that deliver parcels, daily breakthroughs in space travel, energy, medicine and more. However, with ever-new potential also comes new and unforeseen challenges; unique problems such as cyber-attacks, social media addiction and the dark web.


Roxy Robinson, Creative Director of Arts By the Sea comments,

“We’re delighted to present New Frontiers, our festival theme for Arts By the Sea 2018. From technological innovation through to dystopian futures, our programme will explore a range of ideas – both positive and negative – that are connected to this theme. You can still expect a unique and playful explosion of colour, curious characters, music and mass participation events that have become so key to our event, and we can’t wait to reveal the programme to you over the coming months.”


Arts by the Sea 2018 is predominately free to attend. Attendees wishing to secure tickets to some exclusive events can visit the festival website for more information about how to book. Visitors will enjoy a wide range of arts and culture and – within the ‘New Frontiers’ theme – join the festival in exploring visions for the future through a diverse programme in Bournemouth’s most iconic locations. The festival will also highlight the impact of technological advances at a local level, celebrating the host town’s ambitions to become one of the UK’s leading digital economies by 2020, a mission already underway with Bournemouth fast-becoming a hotspot for digital innovation, lauded by high tech businesses as a critical location for growth.







Arts by the Sea believes in inclusivity and aims to provide opportunities for everyone to experience art and culture while safeguarding our natural environment and giving national prominence to Bournemouth as a leader in culture.

Past performances include; Hydromania and their Avanti Display (opening weekend last year), internationally acclaimed Compagnie Des Quidams and their Fiers A Cheval (illuminated horses), Cirque Bijou and their Umbrella Project (an art installation creating a kaleidoscope of moving lights which illuminates landscapes). Expect the 2018 programming to equally astound and delight.

Experience Arts by the Sea 2018 from 29th September to 6th October for an intriguing exploration of New Frontiers and so much more.