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Diary of an Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent

Tenants New Rights on Home Efficiency

From April 2016, landlords cannot say ‘no’ to a tenant wishing works to be done on their property to improve their energy efficiency, unless they have valid reason to refuse the request, this could be:

1.If the works being requested would not change the rating of the property.
2.There would be a cost to the landlord.

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Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent

Sales Stats and News Updates

Interesting stats for the sales property market activity. (according to Zoopla)

BH12- 552 sales in the last 12 months and a total of 33.7% of the BH12 properties have sold in the last five years.

BH13- 261 sales in the last 12 months and a total of 35.3% of the BH13 properties have sold in the last five years.

BH14- 546 sales in the last 12 months and a total of 33.7% of the BH14 properties have sold in the last five years.

All three postcodes have seen a price increase over the last 12 months too. If you would like advice on your current value and a realistic value (not one just to get your instruction), then please contact us.

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Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent

2016 will, in my humble opinion, be a year to remember . Will it be the death of buy to lets, will it be the year house prices dropped, will it be the year of the least transactions of properties being sold or will it be the year house prices rose significantly?

The conflicting reports on a daily basis, is enough for most people to almost tun off and say ‘talk to me in a couple of months once the dust has settled’.


Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent

Landlords- We Challenge You!

We recently took on a small portfolio of properties due to the landlords wanting an easier life! The couple had looked after their investment for some 20 odd years, but now felt they would like to enjoy their daily living rather than worrying about the latest legalisation and the daily running of their portfolio.


Property Management

Enjoying the benefits and avoiding the headaches

It should be straight-forward and uncomplicated to rent out a property.

There is clearly a shortage of housing and this situation is only going to get worse and yet being a landlord can mean that you have to be an expert in what is often very unclear legislation.

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Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent

Stonking- One Word For January

January has been a ‘stonking’ month and before you say ‘is that a word’, it is in the Cambridge dictionary.

We have put more sales in hand in one month than in the last 5 months collectively. Our lettings department broke all records for January move ins for the last 10 years. So yes, I could have said a phenomenal month, a fantastic month, but for some reason, stonking seems to fit.


Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent

Is It Worth It- Being A Landlord?

The government have not been kind to the private investor during 2015 announcing plans to increase stamp duty from the 1st April 2016 by an extra 3% to anyone purchasing a second property. On a £250,000 property this will be an extra £7,500 stamp duty (which you can claim back when you sell the property).

They are also going to be taxing landlords on turnover rather than net profit by taking away the ability to deduct mortgage interest as a tax deduction by 25% each year over the next 4 years, so that by 2020 it will be nil! (Clause 24 of the Finance Act 2015). This will have a serious impact on a lot of landlords.


Relax and let your Letting Agent take the Strain

Landlords, are you confident enough to manage your property yourself? Unless you have a lot of experience, spare time to attend training courses and have the right access to legal and practical information you could be risking fines and even imprisonment if you get it wrong. In order to protect their investment, all landlords need to be aware of their statutory obligations together with the rights of the tenants living in their property.


Christmas Property Care List

Once again the Christmas and New Year break is fast approaching and most people cannot understand where the year has gone. There is a last minute rush to get everything organised and in the rush, some important tasks can be forgotten.


Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent

Are you selling your property in 2016?

Have you decided to put your property on the market in the New Year, or perhaps at some point during 2016? You will be one of many with the same thought…get Christmas out of the way, declutter the house, do those odd jobs that need finishing off whilst over the Christmas break and then call in the estate agents.


Right to Rent

Well, if the 1st October new legislations wasn’t enough to keep you busy as a landlord then keep your wits about you for the see-able future! Right to Rent is officially being rolled out from 1st February 2016.

What is Right to Rent?

Under section 22 of the Immigration Act 2014 a landlord should not authorise an adult to occupy property as their only or main home under a residential tenancy agreement unless the adult is a British citizen, or EEA or Swiss national, or has a ‘Right to Rent’ in the UK. Someone will have the ‘Right to Rent’ in the UK provided they are present lawfully in accordance with immigration laws. Landlords who breach section 22 may be liable for a civil penalty of up to £3000 per tenant and repeated offenders can receive a prison sentence of up to 5 years.


Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent Move On

Firstly, a big, massive WELL DONE to all the team at Move On. We won the Dorset Venus ‘Marketing and PR’ Award 2015 and I cannot express how ecstatic as all are. It is fantastic to be recognised for this particular award as one part of our role is to ensure we are marketing your property for either rent or sale properly, and although we think we are pretty good at it, this award tells us we are pretty good at it! A truly fantastic achievement.

Secondly, we have passed the 1st October and all the small print was finally passed for the legislations to become effective. Please make sure you have proof you are providing the 6 essential pieces of paperwork to the tenant, I would suggest itemising them and asking the tenant to sign, agreeing they have been given. If you are unsure of the six pieces of information, then please email me and I will be more than happy to let you know.


Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent Move On

Property specialists in Poole

We have a few busy months coming up. Historically September and October are in our top 4 for being a hive of activity, where people are looking to move and get settled before the dark nights come in and Christmas (yes…Christmas will be upon us soon). This goes for both sides of the business, lettings and sales.

At Move On, we have been making sure we are ready for the flurry of applicants and have recently upgraded to the latest technology in software to ensure all properties are marketed quickly to not only the major portals like Rightmove but out to our 10,000 data base of applicants. The whole office is super excited at not only being able to give top service to our clients, but to be able to release time from the computer to give more face to face and telephone service.


The Diary of Sharon Canning

It’s been a funny few weeks really. The rental market was probably at its quietest; a luxury in our industry. Historically the end of July and part of August is quiet, the children are breaking up for the summer holidays and parents and grandparents are generally attending sports days and end of year plays. But…the tide is changing, September, October and November have historically been our busiest months of the year and we are ready for the upturn.

Families are back from their holidays, or the chill out of the first couple of weeks are done and families looking to be closer to schools or new secondary schools are high on the agenda before the next term starts.

We came across a new site, which is helping applicants learn their credit score prior to applying called ‘noddle.’ It’s free and definitely worth checking out how you rate. We all had a go in the office and I am delighted to say we all scored 5 out of 5, as I would expect, but still nice to be told!



We are so excited, we can hardly contain ourselves. Move On Rentals are going into sales! In July we are launching Move On Sales and the whole team are just bursting with enthusiasm.

Those of you who know us, know, we like to be the specialists and we are approaching Move On Sales with the same attitude.

We are so eager to get the ball rolling we are offering for the first 3 months only, an introductory offer of 0.6% including VAT. I know, this is a phenomenal deal and that is why we are only going to do this for 3 months!

Not only are we offering this fabulous rate, I have made sure I have a team of sales people who just want to sell properties and cannot wait to get the deals going. My team are passionate and eager to go into the world of sales with a storm that will leave a beautiful and exhilarating wake behind them.


Diary of a Letting Agent - June 2015

Anyone who works within the lettings industry will say, no two days are the same and this is so true. However, 2015 has been one changeable and challenging year. We have had all the politics between Labour and Conservatives on what might happen in the private rented sector, we have had the Deregulation Bill as well as new legislations coming out all the time.

So, what is hot off the press this month?

Overseas landlords (non-residents) from April 2015 will pay capital gains tax on the sale of their UK property.

Up until now the UK tax loophole allowed overseas investors and British Expats and non-UK residents with UK property, especially those with buy-to-let agreements, which generate income.


Amnesty for Landlords on Protecting Deposits

So…who are you? Who has been hiding their head in the sand and hoping they won’t get found out for NOT protecting their tenant’s deposits.

It could be you have a tenant who has been in the property for many years and perhaps you have never had to use an agent, who would have highlighted the new regulations regarding protecting a tenants’ deposit that came in to force in April 2007.

It could be that you took the deposit before the ruling in 2007 and you genuinely believed (as many did) that you did not have to protect the deposit.

It doesn’t really matter what your reasons are, the good news is that you have been pardoned! On the condition that you protect the deposit before 23rd June 2015.

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Diary of a Letting Agent - Budgets

As I write this journal, I am very much aware what the budget is this week and by the time you read this, the budget has happened! So, I thought I would write about some changes that will affect many landlords in their tax return as we also approach the end of tour tax year on the 5th April 2015.

Firstly if you are a new landlord and you are receiving rental income, you should tell HMRC about it – contact then as soon as possible, but at the latest by 5 October following the end of the tax year in which you start to let the property. That is, if you started getting rental income in the year to 5 April 2015, tell HMRC by 5 October 2015.

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Diary of a Letting Agent - Property Advice

Property Advice in Poole

A lovely couple came in to see me this week. They had inherited £250,000 and were toying with the idea of becoming first time landlords.

The couple were in their early 50’s, still working, had paid off their existing mortgage and were in a good place, however, their pensions were going to be state pensions, so they were looking to invest it now with it providing a better standard of living when they retire at 67!

They wanted to make their inheritance bring in the best possible return. Now, for those of us who have been in the industry for a long time, we get it, and nothing could be easier, however, when you meet someone who has never gone down this route before, the whole process can be frightening to them and where they may think they want the best possible return, they may opt for a lesser return if it brings them more peace of mind.

renting in Poole

Need help finding a property?

Expert letting specialists in Poole and Bournemouth

Move on Rentals are a lettings specialist in Poole that offer a range of landlord and tenant services. The company is owned by Sharon Canning; a local lady with a wealth of experience in all aspects of the property letting industry. Sharon has become a leading expert in the lettings field, making her one of the most reputable and trustworthy faces within the property industry.


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