54-year-old mother, Sue Andress, is preparing to take part in Dream Challenges’ Walk the Night event in London in July 2018, to celebrate recovering from cancer in 2017.

Diagnosed with stage 3 advanced breast cancer in January 2017, Sue is now on the road to recovery and looking forward to taking on the half-marathon challenge to raise funds for others going through a similar situation.

Reflecting on her experience with cancer, she adds: “I have a love hate relationship with cancer. It wanted to invade my body and tried to destroy me, but at the same time it has shown me what an amazing family and set of friends I have, and that I should slow down and take time to appreciate my life and surroundings. I now appreciate waking up every morning and taking life minute by minute to live to the fullest.  Taking part in Walk the Night on 14 July means I can also stand united against cancer and I’m looking forward to experiencing the fun and camaraderie with my fellow walkers as we pass London’s famous landmarks.”

As for her outfit for Walk the Night, Sue tells us to look out for her crazy costume. “After going through cancer, I think bring it on I’m going to be and look as crazy as I would like!”

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