Annie Raven-Vause is a Dorset-based mind guru and a UK master trainer of LEO (Leading in an Empowered Organisation) – a highly successful corporate leadership development programme which has been used as part of the NHS Modernisation Agenda for two decades. The programme enables individuals to change and take the lead in ways that are effective, as opposed to restructuring aspects of an entire organisation.

Updated and delivered to blue chips and corporates nationwide by Annie Raven-Vause, LEO provides principles centered on connections with others across departments to enable individuals to become more powerful leaders, rather than rearranging large tracts of an existing business. Teams that attend the program together learn to hold themselves and each other accountable for what they do and how they get the job done.

Annie has spent three decades working in and around health and social care, therefore she is well versed in both change management and organisational development. Organisations which have embraced LEO include Bournemouth Borough Council, North Dorset District Council, Gloucester and Hampshire County Councils, De Vere Hotels, Ansbury and South Western Ambulance Services NHS Trust.

Annie says: “The LEO principles are represented by an empowerment triangle which focuses on connections with others. We need each other, leaders are present at every level and include colleagues from various departments and related disciplines. Building and nurturing relationships is key to any interaction, whether you are in a leadership position, leading at the bedside in the health sector, or dealing with personal relationships.”

This evidence-based interactive programme, delivered under license to Creative Healthcare Management (CHCM, based in the USA) and Choice Dynamic International (CDI), carries 22.5 hours of academic credit and its content supports progress towards the NVQ in Leadership in Management at a L4/5 on the Qualifications and Curriculum Framework (QCF). Over 200,000 leaders have attended LEO worldwide.

It is designed to be delivered as a three-day block, although Annie also operates a ‘two plus one’ format for organisations where it may be difficult to release staff for consecutive days. There is an additional one-day programme for executive directors and board level participants.

Annie adds: “The content has multiple applications and can be tweaked to meet organisational levers, such as those wanting to raise skills in change, relationships, decision making and much more. It works best where an organisation chooses to run one or more programmes, because ideally you need a critical mass of around 17.5 per cent to secure behavioral change at grass roots level.”

LEO also benefits employees’ wellbeing, bringing about a reduction in stress as participants develop leadership resilience and their ability to deal more effectively with ’stuff that gets in the way’.

Annie set up her first business fourteen years ago and since then has helped many people and organisations develop. Annie is the Co-Founder of Heart Led Wellbeing offering tailored mental health services for workplace wellbeing including one-to-one counselling, wellbeing retreats and she has just started writing her first book.

Annie is available for interviews to discuss the benefits of LEO and can offer advice about the importance of employee and individual wellbeing and managing stress levels.