Nicki French will unleash her next original disco-stomper when ‘Steal the Crown’ hits stores on 5th April 2018. Fresh from the success of ‘Teardrops (on the Disco Floor)’ last year, Nicki’s new single hails from the golden days of disco, when the likes of Chic and Donna Summer graced the world’s airwaves.

Nicki’s career rocketed in 1995 when her version of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ stormed the global charts, resulting in a top 2 smash both sides of the Atlantic – a mean feat not repeated by many to this day. After a hit album and numerous single releases, she then represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 with ‘Don’t Play That Song Again’ which propelled her back into the media spotlight.

Fast forward to 2015, after a plethora of singles and albums graced dancefloors the world over, Nicki released what would become one of her most popular tracks to date, when ‘This Love’ became a summer anthem. With the follow up ‘Teardrops (on the Disco Floor)’ hitting the top spot of the vocal iTunes chart last year and outselling the competition, Nicki is set to unleash ‘Steal the Crown’ with a hot remix package ahead of her new album later this year.

Co-written by Charlie Mason – the writing force behind ‘Teardrops (on the Disco Floor)’ and Conchita’s ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ among others – and Hamburg’s Mark Smith, who also produced the track, Nicki’s vocal glides effortlessly over the disco beat which will leave you tapping your feet all day long.

With Dutch producer Matt Pop, Ricardo Autobahn and Pete Ware on remix duty, there’s something for everyone with this package.