Langside, the Diverse Abilities run special school, is delighted that its new sensory room, known as Imaginarium, is now open for pupils to enjoy and benefit from.


Having a sensory space that is fully functional is very important to the children that attend Langside School, as it plays a vital role in their development, communication and understanding of their surroundings.

The previous sensory room was becoming old and didn’t enhance learning and as children’s needs are changing and becoming more complex, the need for a new sensory room with up to date technology to support the children at the school was vital.

Jon Seaward, principal at Langside School, said: “It is so pleasing to be able to use cutting edge technology to support the pupils of Langside.  The responses of the children so far have been amazing. A massive thank you goes Talbot Village Trust, Colton Care, The Fence Club and a number of other funders that donated over £46,000 to us, turning the sensory room dream into reality.”

Imaginarium fits in with the school’s curriculum and prepares the children to learn. It has improved accessibility and the space is more flexible which allows children with a variety of additional needs and disabilities to enjoy themselves, explore, reduce tension and a place to be calm.  It has colours, lights, textures and music to evoke a range of different responses.

Those with limited mobility can lay on a bed that resonates music and delivers it to the body to relax their muscles. The children will be able to play games and interact with the projector, providing hours of enjoyment and entertainment. It will also increase their concentration, focus and alertness developing hand and eye co-ordination and motor skills.

The sensory room will also be used by other services run by the charity providing a relaxing, calming environment for all children and adults with disabilities in the local area that Diverse Abilities supports.


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