Local Cafe and Veterinarian partner to offer subsidised neutering for low-income families.

Pause Cat Cafe partner with Spring Corner Vets to provide subsidised neutering for cats from low-income homes, in order to reduce the number of unwanted and homeless cats.

Spring Corner Vets in Poole will provide neutering for just £10 until the end of April for cat owners on low incomes. It is believed that this will protect cats whose owners feel they cannot afford to neuter their pets, as the treatment can cost up to £60 normally and is often left too late. The total subsidy provided by Spring Corner Charitable Trust will be £15,000.

Pause Cat Cafe chose to support this campaign to promote good animal welfare, knowing first hand how important it is. The cafe is home to twelve rescue cats including a family of four strays: Michelle and her three kittens Noodle, Poppet and Sweetcheeks who was rescued from the streets of Leeds in May 2017. The stunning pure white cat was found in a bush with her newborn jet black kittens. When she was examined by the vets she was found to still be a kitten herself and shockingly, this was her second litter.

It is unknown what happened to the first litter. Jaya Da Costa, the cafe owner says “We hope that people will share Michelle’s story and spread the word that neutering is vitally important. Let’s not put any more little lives at risk, because others might not be lucky enough to find their forever homes.” She continues “As soon as Michelle was back to full health after having her kittens and feeding them, we took her to Spring Corner Vets to be neutered to stop this ordeal from happening to her again. When her kittens were old enough, Spring Corner neutered them too. Having them neutered at a young age not only prevents unwanted pregnancy but it is also quicker for them to recover.” Neutering one animal prevents thousands of animals suffering or being euthanized due to lack of loving homes, as rescue charities struggle to manage the number of animals referred to them.

PETA UK states that a single female cat and her offspring can produce a staggering 370,000 kittens within 7 years. There are over 2 million homeless and stray cats in the UK, estimated by RSPCA. It is the consensus of all top animal charities, that neutering is vital for animal welfare, and the procedure also benefits cats’ health by reducing the risk of cancer and infections, feline AIDS (FIV), hormonal stress, and generally improves behaviour. Spaying reduces aggression in male cats making them less likely to fight and it stops them roaming as far, so they are less likely to get lost or be run over. Their urine smells less strongly after neutering, and it also reduces spraying in the home. For female cats, the operation will last around 30 minutes and she’ll recover at home in about 10 days. For male cats, the operation will last about 10 minutes and he should recover at home within 2-3 days.

To book an appointment or to find out more, cat owners can contact Spring Corner Poole on 01202 497834.