Miss Dorset talks openly about being bullied in the hop it will help others


We all make assumptions about the winners and contestants of pageants such as Miss England. The contestants smile away on stage, looking stunning, answering questions and appearing to have all the confidence in the world.


We now more than ever live in a world full of assumptions. We scroll through our Facebook feeds envious of all the picture perfect lifestyles our “friends” seem to be living. The truth is a lot of people deal with their issues in private, no one ever captions that perfect family beach picture with “Marriage counselling tomorrow, followed by a meeting at the school before we work out how to make the mortgage payment this month”. The truth of the matter is we all have struggles in our lives.


Samantha Louise Bumford is no exception she is Miss Dorset 2017, Miss England Social Media 2017, hoping to become Miss England 2018 and is currently training to be a teacher.


Miss England Award winners helping the Sarvodaya Movemen

Samantha has become a very well-known face around Dorset since winning her first title and has supported over 400 charity events. Many young girls look up to people like Samantha as a role model. For this reason Samantha has decided to share a very personal story with us……

Like a lot of people when I was in my Secondary School here in Dorset I got bullied. 45% of young people in the UK experience bulling of some form before the age of 18. The difference is it wasn’t just the children who bullied me; it was actually one of the teachers.

One day in year 9 I walked into my music class and he said ‘Samantha you look like you have been dragged through hedge backwards. Like a dog in-fact’ he laughed at me. My teacher, the person who is supposed to protect me from being bullied!


It was like that comment had lit a fuse. From that day on I was followed Home by a group of children every day chanting ‘dog, dog, woof, woof’ this went on throughout year 9. I was going home crying each day to my parents saying I wasn’t good enough. This said teacher also called me stupid and said ‘you’ll never be successful and you won’t pass your exams, you’ll be working on the bins’.


I felt so low about myself. I started waiting later to leave school so I could avoid the bullying. It went on throughout the day too, in lessons and throughout playtime. I asked teachers if I could stay in at break and I pretended to be ill just so I could avoid it all.


Miss Dorset 2017 and Stephen Young Lord of Westbury attending a charity event.

Once you become the bullied child everything changes. Regardless of how many times your parents go into the school, other children don’t want to be friends with you, why would they want to set themselves up to become the next victim ? Being bullied isn’t just about the things people say or do to you, it becomes extremely isolating. In the end I got so upset that I refused to go to school so my parents took me out and we started looking for a new school.


We found Wentworth School For Girls, now known as Bournemouth Collegiate School. It was a fresh start for me, I was no longer the student that everyone bullied. I hadn’t changed as a person, what had changed was peoples pre conceived opinion of me. I made friends quickly they built my confidence.


At Wentworth I was scouted for England U18s School Girls Team, I went on to complete my GCSE’s whist being head of Girls and having a lot of responsibilities. With my new found confidence I then applied for my Degree in Teaching. Having personally experienced how much difference you can make in someone’s life being a teacher I knew I had found my passion, I graduate on 18th July. I also became Miss Dorset 2017 on March 12th and competed at Miss England on 14th July to win Miss England Miss Social Media. The Miss England Competition has changed my life and helped me with my confidence. I overcame it all!


I felt it was important to share my experience, if your being bullied, barked at, called names or worse I’d like to let you know it does get better, your time will come!


If your being bullied you can visit the below links for help and advice.



This Morning Bullying Helpline info