Official Statement


On Sunday afternoon, an accident occurred during a fit up in the theatre at Lighthouse that resulted in the sprinkler system being damaged which in turn resulted in extensive water damage to the theatre, dressing rooms and technical equipment. Staff responded promptly to shut down the electrical system and contact the fire brigade. 

Events on Sunday 1 July were cancelled while the electrical system throughout the building was isolated and tested.   

Sara St George, Deputy CEO said: The safety of our staff and customers is paramount so we have taken the precaution to shut the building to review the extent of the damage and fully test all our systems on Monday 2July so that the building can open on Tuesday 3 July. The incident was contained within the theatre which will remain closed for the immediate future. Although investigations and related follow-up activities will continue for several days or weeks, all other spaces will be fully operational.” 

Lighthouse is currently assessing the extent of the damage with specialist support and will review the programme of events taking place in the theatre for the remainder of the theatre season which comes to a close at the end of July.  The Theatre was planned to be closed for maintenance work during August. 

We ask that customers do not contact us direct.  Our ticket office will be in touch to inform customers whether events due to take place in the theatre will be moved to another space or be postponed.  

We thank our staff and customer for their patience this week while we deal with this situation and work to ensure our programme continues to run with as little disruption as possible.