Spring Flower Show Success


photograph by Hattie Miles … 03.04.2018 … Bournemouth In Bloom, The Bournemouth Horticultural Society Spring Show at St Francis of Assisi Church Hall, Bournemouth … Judging at the show

Stunningly beautiful spring flowers filled St Francis of Assisi Church Hall for the Bournemouth In Bloom/Bournemouth Horticultural Society Spring Show. The judges were impressed by the superb quality of the blooms, particularly after the very cold weather this spring. There were more than 300 exhibits on display that included cut flowers, planted bulbs, arrangements, pot plants and

handicrafts. The scent of the hyacinths wafted into the street.




David Bassil who won best in show for his collection of three containers of growing bulbs with daffodils, tulips and hyacinths.


Regular exhibitor David Bassil took the best in show prize for three containers of growing spring bulbs that included St Keverne daffodils, Christmas Dream tulips and Blue Jacket hyacinths.  He explained that his plants had been outside for most of the snowy, icy weather but had been brought inside in the past couple of weeks to encourage the flowers to develop properly. He said this year had had particularly severe frosts with the coldest nights since 1963.


Stunning flowers at the Bournemouth In Bloom/Bournemouth Horticultural Society Spring Show



Chris Colledge, chairman of Bournemouth In Bloom said “The displays of spring flowers were absolutely exquisite and a credit to everyone who exhibited”.