Award-winning musicians ‘The ZOOTS’ have sold over half a million downloads, wowed audiences of stage and screen in more than 30 countries, and played iconic venues like Alhambra Theater and The London Palladium. The ZOOTS’ music has appeared on TV ads, and made lead singer Jamie Goddard a gold-selling songwriter. Yet according to the band, their greatest challenge comes on Friday 20th July — because that’s when ‘The ZOOTS’ debut at The Regent Centre in Christchurch!


With his clean-cut good looks and friendly manner, you might be forgiven for thinking that lead singer Jamie Goddard would be unfazed by being in the spotlight. After all, Jamie divides his time between working as the bands manager, and being the front man for a family-friendly, Sixties-themed band that ‘The Stage’ calls “impossible not to like”. But Jamie is nervous about playing The ZOOTS’ hit show at the place he spent lots of holidays, he toured The ZOOTS round an incredible THIRTY countries before finally summoning the courage to organise a show at The Regent Centre in Christchurch.



As Jamie puts it: “The ZOOTS have played in front of audiences on four continents, from Israel to Italy, Havana to Venice, Barcelona to Montego Bay — but there’s something especially nerve-wracking about playing to a British crowd!” Harriet Lowther is The ZOOTS’ backing singer and lead percussionist. (And, naturally enough, a fashion model to boot.) She explains: “It will be very special for us to play at The Regent Centre, with lots of holiday memories! We are coming down on the week of the show to help sell the last few tickets. We hope to visit Christchurch Exbury Gardens, The Steam Railway and all the places we used to go for summer holidays. We hope to bring back some lovely memories for us and more importantly, the people coming to show!



It’s been a great 12 months for The ZOOTS. The band headlined at The Twinwood Festival, and were featured in the book ‘Guardians of Rock and Roll’ by world-famous photographer Michael Randolph, who was the official photographer to The Rolling Stones.

Tickets for The ‘Sounds of the 60s’ on Friday 21st July are available for just £17 or £15 concessions which includes a donation to the Regent Centre Development charity Buy Tickets