In 1995 I found myself in Crete on my own. Well I say, found myself, I wasn’t actually planning a holiday on my own, but it worked out that way, and I didn’t just wake up one morning and hey presto I was in Greece. Lol. No, the thing is I was single and I wanted to get away and my best friend, Kira, just could not get away at the same time, even though we tried to wangle it and she too, wanted to go to the same place, the same location. My boss at the time was pretty adamant I either didn’t go at all or I had to go alone. So I did.


Looking back I must have had more strength then I knew, as I’m not sure that many women were going away on their own at that time. After all, this wasn’t a singles holiday; this was me on a coach, Billy-no-mates. But all I could think about was Greek Island, cocktails and some ‘me’ time.


However, as I sat on the bus transferring to the resort I did feel a little ‘unsure’ about how I was going to manage this holiday and was I going to eat by my myself, and just go to bed early and read lots of books. Well yes, actually…and that is what I did for a few days…ate by myself, reading a book, went back home early and although I was okay in the back of my mind I was thinking um….company would be good.

So one night, I bit the bullet, a local ‘bar’ was having a quiz night. I love a quiz so I signed up – a team of one. I didn’t mind and actually I seemed to recall I did not do so badly. However, it was a good move – in the bar at the same time was an Australian girl, Kylie (yes that was her name) and astonishingly was in Malia on her own too. Needless to say, two heads are always better than one and as it so happens, we were like peas in a pod. The nights flew by as we ripped up Malia, drinking cocktails and partying until the early hours!  Much more fun and I’d found a new friend.


Kylie and I became firm friends on our return to London until we lost contact years later, when she moved back to Australia.


However, for me, that holiday gave me the confidence to never fear going away on my own and it made me realise that all you had to do was be a bit brave and speak to people.


I appreciate that is easier said than done, but with so many singles holidays available now, it truly is okay to go it alone. Since my Greek experience, I have been to Spain on my own and on a Retreat in South Wales. You see, there is a trick to ‘going it alone’ and it’s about having faith. Having faith in people and knowing that there will always be someone to speak to. I find that once you think people will be nice and friendly they will be. is a great place to find new friends and there is always a group going on a holiday.


As you will know by now, I have recently joined a gym. On day one, I met a girl, we had a brief conversation. We then liked a few of each other’s posts (we were joined in a gym facebook group) within a week my new friend had friended me on facebook and within two days we sat on Hengitsbury beach, not even talking, just sitting in perfect harmony with each other.  It’s like I’ve known her forever.


That all said, I still think taking time out for you and taking a holiday on your own is amazingly liberating and not as scary as you think. In fact, now I’ve written this post, I am considering doing a week’s holiday in October and am happy to do it alone.  Just me, sat by the ocean, book in hand and sand between my toes.. I might need it after that Ibiza holiday!


Be brave, do it alone, your company is the best there is.


With love


Tracey B

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