Bournemouth’s Town Centre BID Rangers have been praised for their quick, calm and professional response to a rare medical emergency.


Whilst patrolling the streets on one busy June weekend, the on-duty team of Bournemouth Town Centre BID Rangers received a radio call from the town centre camera operators. Asking for assistance, they informed them that a woman appeared to be having a medical episode under the Lucerne Arch on Old Christchurch Road. Responding quickly to the call, Town Centre Bid Rangers Dave Dowling and Rosie Cook immediately headed to the scene.

Dorset Police and Bournemouth Borough Council jointly operate the town centre cameras, and often contact the Town Centre BID Rangers to act as first responders and to be their ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground. Established in 2012, the Bournemouth Town Centre BID Rangers work in conjunction with the Council, Police, CCTV and Shopwatch Scheme to help make the town centre a safer place.

Dave and Rosie arrived at the incident and began to assist the woman who had fallen and hit her head. A member of the public had already called for an ambulance however it soon became clear that sadly the woman was exhibiting symptoms of substance abuse. After around 5 minutes the woman began to lose consciousness.

Town Centre Ranger, Dave Dowling said:

“On duty in the town centre, we were able to respond quickly to the call from the town cameras and help the woman as her condition declined. All our Rangers receive First Aid at Work Training and go on regular courses.’’

Whilst Dave was monitoring the woman, he observed a decline in her breathing and began chest compressions. The ambulance then arrived, and after receiving assistance the woman began to regain consciousness and was taken away by the ambulance crew.

Bob Carter, Head Ranger comments:

“This was the first incident of this type we have seen in three years. I am really proud of our Rangers and commend them for calmly controlling the situation over the space of an hour until expert medical professionals arrived.’’

Following the incident, the Bournemouth Town Centre BID received praise from holidaymaker and eye-witness to the event, Ms Lloyd from Wales.

“Your Rangers do a wonderful job in Bournemouth’s town centre and they probably saved the girls life.’’

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