Birds nesting near a school in Poole have had a property upgrade this Spring courtesy of Barratt Homes.

The housebuilder has donated a selection of bird boxes to Bearwood Primary and Nursery School. It’s hoped the move will help encourage wildlife in the area, as well as give the schoolchildren a chance to learn more about birds.

The bird boxes will be placed in the wooded area next to the school so youngsters can watch birds duck in and out as they nest and bring up their chicks.

Community liaison manager at Barratt Homes, Anthony Dimmick, said: “There’s nothing quite like real life experience when it comes to learning. It’s our pleasure to donate these bird boxes to Bearwood Primary and Nursery School so the children can watch their own wildlife show played out right before their eyes.”

Kate Gunstone, pupil premium leader at Bearwood Primary and Nursery School, said: “The children are so excited about the bird boxes. We can’t wait to get them put up and start looking out for nesting birds.”

The donation comes shortly after Barratt Homes announced the renewal and extension of its unique partnership with the RSPB, which aims to deliver more wildlife friendly housing across the region.

As part of the collaboration Barratt and the RSPB will work together to boost biodiversity and promote wildlife at its developments across the region, including those in Poole. Through such initiatives as hedgehog highways, wild bee friendly planting and swift bricks, the aim of the partnership is to help all forms of wildlife and nature on new housing developments.

Barratt Homes is working closely with local schools and groups as it works to bring new homes to Poole through its Canford Paddock development. So far it has donated everything from high vis jackets to bicycle lights to children at the school.

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