It’s been five months since I joined #fitbodybournemouth. It is, without doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made. My life has been transformed.


Despite always trying to stay on top of my physical health and therefore, my #mentalhealth I found myself floundering in the early part of this year. I broke my ankle last year, I may have said before, and despite me not wanting to put weight on, the weight started to creep on, bit by bit, pound by pound.


By May of this year I was a hefty (for me) 12.5 stone and rising. I felt dreadful, was eating badly (although kidding myself I wasn’t) and my #mentalhealth was struggling. I did not want to be 53, single and feeling like this.


So, I joined the gym and the rest, as they say, is history.


It’s now nearly the end of October and I am delighted to say that I have not put on a pound despite living a normal life. A normal life to me is being strict or at least careful during the week (healthy normal eating, 3 x meals a day) and then on weekends, partying, drinking and all the normal stuff that goes with that. Yes, even the odd bag of chips. But here’s the rub, I do not wish, nor have I, gone back to my old ways. Once the weekend is over, it’s back to eating well and healthily and three, half hour, gym sessions a week. It’s enough to keep me on track. On top of that I try to do up to 12 miles a week walking (fast paced) and the combination works really well for me.


So, what keeps me going and who inspires me? Well that’s easy. #carolvordermann for one. She is beautiful at 57 and says that she does not need a man to look after and in her words, is partying hard. Of course, she will be balancing that out with fitness and healthy eating too but it’s a great way to live your life.


Age is just a number and I don’t feel my age. It’s not about fighting off the inevitable. I am not scared of ageing – far from it, I proudly share my age, I love being 53, I just want to show ladies that there is another way to be at 53, not overweight, feeling exhausted and allowing the menopause to kick your arse. No, a new way is to say, heck yes, I’m 53, but I am fabulous. I am fitter, more wise, have more energy and life-force than ever and I intend to age well, not badly!

Who’s going to join me?

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With love